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Rent Club – FAQ’s

About Us

What is Rent Club?
Rent Club allows you to rent items as opposed to buying them. Our goal is to make everything rent-able!

Does Rent Club own the products listed?
Nope. We do not own the products listed. We partner with individuals and businesses to help facilitate rentals ensuring good quality products are listed and safety is ensured. If you have idle items which you do not use, you can list them with us and we’ll work to get you orders.

Listing Items & Renting Them Out

How do I list a product?
First, you create an account with Rent Club. Then, use the ‘List a Product’ feature and follow the instructions accordingly. The robots at Rent Club will do an assessment to ensure the item you posted is in good condition before approving. Once approved, your product will be added to our database. Please note, it won’t be featured on the website.

How will I know if I get an order?
Rent Club will inform you. We will either call you or message you when you receive an order. You then have the choice to either accept or decline the order.

How will I get my earnings from renting an item out?
On a pre-agreed date/schedule, your earnings from products listed with us minus Rent Club commissions will be deposited into your bank account.

What if I want to un-list a product from the Rent Club database?
Drop us a message and we can do that for you!

Renting Products

How do I rent an item?

  1. Select a product of your choice
  2. Select the rental dates you need the item
  3. Select delivery method
  4. Select payment method
  5. Log Order!

When an order is logged, the robots at Rental Club will first check for product availability, since all our products are sourced from third party vendors. If the product is available, we give the go ahead for you to make the payment. Or else we will provide alternative dates at which the product will be available.

What documents do I need to rent an item?
Every product listing mentions the required documents. However, a National ID card copy and one valid delivery address proof is required. For vehicles, you will also have to submit a copy of your driving license.

How does delivery work?
For every product, you can choose either one of the following:

  1. Home Delivery: Where we will deliver the product and pick it up once the rental duration ends
  2. Self-Pick Up: Where you pick up the product and deliver it back to us

What happens if I don’t deliver it back on time?
Based on the product you have rented out, you will be charged a surcharge.

How will I be charged for an item?
Depending on the product, you will have to pay the following:

  1. Security Deposit
  2. Rental Fees
  3. Delivery Charges

What happens if I damage an item?
Firstly, do not attempt to fix it on your own. Get in touch with us immediately. If the damage caused is repairable, then the cost of repair from an authorized repair center will be charged to you. If the product cannot be repaired, you will have to pay the full cost of the product.

What to do when a product stops working during rental period?
Contact our hotline immediately. We will get the product repaired/exchanged free of cost within 48 hours. However, if the damage is caused due to an error on your part, then you will be charged the cost of repairs.

How do I cancel a rental?
You can cancel an order 24 hours before the product has been dispatched to your delivery address. We do not accept cancellations once the product has been delivered to you.


How can I make payments?
At the moment we only accept payments via Bank Deposit and Ez Cash. Please be patient with us while we apply for an overpriced payment gateway. 3 days prior to payment deadline, email notifications will be sent out to you.

How and when will I get my security deposit once a rental period is over?
Once a product is returned, we will refund your security deposit within 2-3 days by paying it into your bank account.