Sri Lanka's first platform for renting vehicles, electronics and everything else.



We are Sri Lanka's first marketplace to rent items. We connect individuals and businesses to rent items with each other.

Why do we do this?

Our story was actually inspired by the troubles we went through looking to rent out a wheelchair. We searched online. We searched offline. For days, we scouted and finally located a place that did rent out wheelchairs. We wanted to solve the exact problem. Reduce time spent looking for products and then make available the option of renting products. Thereafter, we were born. But, there are few more reasons why we started Rent Club.

Firstly, we'd like to address affordability. For many of us, many items are simply not affordable to be bought outright. While we do agree credit cards and installment schemes have made things a lot more flexible, we really challenge the concept of ownership. Do we really need to BUY and OWN stuff all the time?

Consider this for example - What is cheaper? Buying a car, leasing a car or renting a car? Well, depending on your lifestyle, the answer actually varies. Same for businesses - what are the alternative spends of readily available cash? Why invest heavily and buy office tables? Could you just rent one and use the money saved on more marketing activities?

It is this concept of challenging consumption behaviour that we really want to get to. In essence, we strongly do believe in access over ownership of products. Get what you want, when you want it, use it and then give it back. Also, why would you buy something that you would just use for a few times? Take the drill machine for example. Last time we checked, you needed the hole, not the drill!

We also believe in resource sharing. Take a good look at all the unused items in your office or home. If you didn't use something for the last 6 months, chances are you probably wont be using it in the next 6 months either. But, have you thought of the possibility of renting these items out and making some extra money? We want to help you do that.

But, we also understand the concerns around renting. What if someone runs away with my product? What if I rent and bang someone elses car, etc. We factor all of this in and do have procedures in place to minimize and eliminate such risks. We will do our best to resolve issues amicably if they do arise! We want to eventually get to making the process seamless. Seamless = extremely easy, super safe and ultra transparent.

Overall, as we continue to work and list more and more products on rent, feel free to go check out the products we offer currently. Also, if you do have items you think you could rent out, let us know. We can help you rent it out.

Team Rent Club